Beginning Yoga Palm Springs

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Yoga For Beginners

Beginning Yoga is a class targeted to first time yoga practitioners, those coming back from injury, or to return to the fundamentals of your yoga practice. Beginning yoga classes welcome all levels from the very first timer to the long-time student. So, relinquish the fear and trepidation, jump onto your yoga mat and have some fun.

Beginning Yoga Palm Springs: How Will I Know What to Do?
Yoga classes for beginners are offered as a chance to develop your practice with strong guidance from your yoga instructor. That person will become your gateway into, not only the physical practice of yoga, but will help you explore and understand your body faster and with more knowledge than ever before.

Beginning Yoga Palm Springs: Poses, Postures:

Beginning Yoga: Poses, Postures, Exercises, Positions, Moves, Asanas?
So, let’s get right down to it then. First and foremost, a yoga class structured for beginning yoga students places particular emphasis on yoga postures. Backing up just a bit, in yoga, there are any number of poses, often called postures, or movements, or exercises or positions… they all reference the same thing, what your body is doing. The Sanskrit word for a posture, pose, movement, position, or exercise is called an “Asana”. However, the word Asana can also refer to a specific seated position or to the collection of movements created in some flow practices. Seems a little confusing, but relax, first of all, it’s just yoga, but more importantly, all these different words mean the same thing, and never be afraid that you’ll use the wrong one, because a good instructor will know that we refer to movement in various ways.

Yoga for beginners will open up a new and powerful tool in your wellness arsenal. It is a wonderful way for people of any age (and I do mean any!) to get in shape while cultivating balance and health. A number of yoga for beginner classes are structured to create physical balance as a result of our western world living conditions: hunched over your desk at work, or steering wheel driving around doing endless errands, or just eating a meal, or watching TV. We fall into a trap where our bodies betray their original functions and we stress muscle groups while not providing the relief necessary to re-align our musculoskeletal system. Yoga, with its series of specific static and fluid motions counter balances the stress we regularly place on ourselves just getting through life.

Beginning Yoga Palm Springs: Built From the Groud Up

Beginning Yoga: Built From the Groud Up
The wonderful thing about beginner yoga positions is that they transmute as your confidence, strength, and experience increases. Yoga exercises, typically, are built from the ground up, so there is particular attention paid to your lower body, legs, feet, hips, pelvis so that you understand the foundation of a beginner yoga pose and can grow from the basic asana to the more challenging. And let’s take a little time to talk about the complexity of some yoga exercises for beginners. Like everything in life, we build on experience, the same applies to your yoga work. Start with the fundamentals and you’ll soon realize that each movement can be added to which makes the exact same posture you’re doing as a beginner similar to the experienced yogi on the mat next to you.

So, show no fear, get your mat ready and unraveled, and show up – you will begin a journey that is hard to describe, but will ultimately keep you healthy and strong as the years gracefully unfold.

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