Yoga in the Park

Yoga in the Park

On Saturday’s mornings at 8:00am in the Summer months and 10:00am during the winter months, a donation based “Yoga in the Park” class is offered at the Wellness Park in Palm Springs.  Donations go to local charities. Suggested donation is $10
(See the map below for directions)

Yoga in the Park

On Saturday’s mornings donation based “Yoga in the Park” classes are offered at The Wellness Park, wellness park in Palm Springs. The class is inspired by nature,a love of yoga and a dream to make yoga accessible to all by removingbarriers such as price, props, and intimidating settings. Students enjoy a onehour class which includes flowing postures to awaken and warm up the bodyfollowed by balancing, stretching and strengthening poses.

Why practice yoga in the Park?

Why practice Yoga in the Park?

The Wellness Park in Palm Springs offers a majestic setting and view of the San Jacinto Mountain as well as beautiful trees, plants and animals. Yoga Students get inspired in Tadasana, mountain pose, while looking at the mountain, absorbing its essence; steady and strong extending up into the clouds.

“Most of the original students who came to the first yoga class are still coming and it has been amazing watching them grow through their yoga experience in Palm Springs, reflects Janet Parks, co-owner of Power Yoga Palm Springs, they seem to stand taller, have better posture and just generally smile a little more.”

Yoga students in Palm Springs are enncouraged to find a tree to focus on while they grow into tree pose. Balancing on one leg in Tree Pose can be a challenge for most new students. They are reminded that it is ok to sway in the wind, just like a tree.

Donations are Given to Local Charities & Location

Donations are Given to Local Charities

Each month the we choose a charity to give the donations to. If you have a charity you would like to be considered for donation, please send us an e-mail to
(We try to keep all of the charities local)

Suggested donation is $10

Here is a list of some of the local charities who have received donations:
Friends of Palm Springs Animal Shelter
The Humane Society of the Desert
Well in the Desert
Planned Parenthood
Boys and Girls Club Palm Springs
Palm Springs Unified School District, 5th grade Science Camp
Shelter from the Storm
The Living Desert
Coachella Valley Autism Society of America =
Coachella Valley Chess Club
Mirona Petrus Vet Services for the local homeless population
Palm Springs Animal Shelter for cat toys
Modern Men’s Gay Chorus
Alzheimer’s Association California Southland
Shay’s Warriors
Animal Samaritans
Palm Springs Police Officers Association Memorial Fund
Orphan Pet Oasis
Angel View
Desert Aids Project

Yoga in the Park Schedule

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