Power Yoga Palm Springs

Palm Springs Yoga . . . encouraging harmony of the mind, body and spirit

Why do yoga in Palm Springs?

The regular practice of yoga in Palm Springs can help improve your muscle strength and tone, as well as improving your flexibility and ease of movement. The relaxation techniques you will learn can also help to reduce chronic pain, and help you to manage stress and improve mental well being.

Yoga in Palm Springs

A brief intro into Power Yoga Palm Springs. Our first yoga studio opened in June of 2010 and we’ve been growing ever since. Our newest yoga studio is 4500 sq. ft. and includes two spacious yoga rooms, changing rooms for men and women plus an attached Spin studio and Massage Studio.

Yoga mats, towels and water are available for use in the yoga studio for a nominal charge. The drop in fee for visitors is $20 and we also have packages ranging from five classes to one year.

Convenient yoga class schedules

We offer morning yoga, afternoon yoga  and evening yoga classes on different days. You can choose the class time that works best for you and your schedule.

Yoga for all ages

Yoga classes at Power Yoga Palm Springs are designed whether you are eight or eighty, you can benefit from regular yoga practice. We offer special classes from Beginning yoga to Yoga Sculpt and everything in between, all tailored to their unique needs.

Yoga instructors with experience

All of our yoga instructors are certified with a 200-hour Yoga Alliance certified credentials. Some have several certifications. They all share a common passion of helping their students acheive success in their yoga practice.

Yoga Palm Springs Class Schedule

Testimonials from students

Thanks so much for a fantastic yoga class in Palm Springs on Monday! The next time I come out I will definitely check out the yoga schedule on the website and join you for a practice at Power Yoga Palm Springs!

So glad your lovely yoga studio in Palm Springs has arrived!!

Last weeks’ yoga class with Aimee was Great….and it was very nice bringing my father and visiting business partner to see her teach at Power Yoga Palm Springs. I do the majority of yoga outside of the classroom, however, I will look forward to coming again for Aimee’s class and others. It was very nice to meet you……and thank you so much for bringing yoga to the people!

I really enjoyed the Thursday morning hot yoga class at Power Yoga Palm Springs – my hips and low back are still smiling. Will plan to join you again for your Tues morning yoga session. Namaste

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