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Yoga Tip #24 – Sits Bones Connection for what?

Greetings Yoga Friend, This week’s tip will help you in Boat Pose, Navasana. To feel stable in your boat posture pull the flesh from under your sits bones and feel a greater connection to the floor or mat beneath you....

Yoga Tip #23 – How to get the

Hello Yoga Friend, Have you ever noticed an unpleasant smell coming from your freshly laundered yoga clothes? Bacteria from your sweat can get stuck in the fibers of your yoga clothing. It’s difficult but not...

Yoga Tip #22 – 4-Point Balance

Hello Yoga Friend, This week’s tip will help you with balance. To build a solid foundation in your balance postures, identify the four points of the supporting foot. They are the outer edges of the ball of the...

Summer Games — Win

Hello Yoga Friend, We are having a summer contest. On the front desk at the studio there is a jar full of glass beads. If you can guess the number of beads in the jar without going over you could win… A 10 class...

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