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How to Safely Stretch your Spine

Hello Yoga Friends, We had a request from Greg for advice on stretching the low back. This tightness happens to most of us due to too much sitting, lifting heaving objects or from a sport such as tennis or...

June Yoga in the Park donations

Hello Yoga Friends, Our June Yoga in the Park donations will go toward a fantastic charity.... Variety Kids of the Desert! Join us at the Wellness Park in Palm Springs! Namaste’ Janet Click the button below, sign up...

Power Yoga Palm Springs ProjectOM

Don't Miss your Last Chance to Support Project OM in Palm Springs! Hello Yoga Friends, We are have a special event in our Yoga In the Park classes for the entire month of May and the is our LAST weekend!...

Yoga Tip #21 – Why you LIFT and twist

This week’s tip will help you deepen your twist in revolved crescent lunge. From crescent lunge take a deep inhale to lift and lengthen and exhale as you twist connect your elbow to the opposite thigh. Extend your spine...

Yoga Tip #20 – Why you Lift Your Gaze and Head

Greetings yoga friends, Dancer’s pose is a balance posture that opens your heart and elevates your mood. I often observe students looking down at the floor at front of their mat when doing dancer’s pose. To get the...

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