Yoga information

Frequently asked questions

What should I expect from my first yoga class?

Keep an open mind. Anyone can do yoga. Respect your body. The yoga teacher may give you several options for most yoga postures. Do what feels best to you. Let go of comparison or competition. Yoga is an individual practice. Expect to feel really good.

Do I need to register before attending a class?

Online registration is reccomended, but you can always drop-in to any yoga class. Be sure to arrive 15 minutes early if you haven’t registered online for your yoga class. If you have registered online, arrive at least 5 minutes early to get set up.

What should I wear to class?

Wear comfortable clothing you can move easily in. Running shorts, leggings, yoga clothes, t-shirt or tank shirt. Whatever feels good to you.

Do I need to have my own yoga mat?

Yoga mats are provided free of charge at our yoga studio. However, you may want to bring a hand or yoga towel. Water is also recommended.

Should I eat before coming to class?

Yoga is usually done on an empty stomach. A small amount of food 30 minutes before your yoga class starts is acceptable. Wait at least two hours after a large meal attending a yoga class. This will ensure your food is digested before the yoga class begins.

Can I do yoga if I am pregnant?

Yoga can be done during pregnancy. Make sure your doctor gives you permission to practice yoga. Always let your yoga instructor know of your pregnancy ahead of class. Your yoga teacher will give you special instructions and modification to help protect you and your baby during the yoga class.

How is yoga different from other kinds of fitness?

Yoga is similar to other fitness activites in that you will get a great workout, but with yoga you also gain balance between both sides of your body, the ability to focus, breath control along with many other benefits you will soon learn.

Yoga etiquette

Arrive at least 10 minutes before the class starts

Allow additional time if it is your first class

Turn off all electronic devices

This means anything that rings, dings or buzzes

Avoid wearing perfume to class

It can bother other students

Advise instructor of any injuries or health issues

I can suggest alternatives moves for you if required

Avoid eating 1 hour before class

A heavy meal can make you feel uncomfortable

Space your mat with respect to other students

Ensure everyone has sight lines to the instructor