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This week’s featured yoga pose is Pigeon Pose. Two variations on the pose are demonstrated by Shirley and Audrey. Shirley is in the modified pose which is recommended for anyone with knee injury or really tight hips. She is on her back with her right knee bent, right ankle on her left thigh. Leaving the left foot on the mat is a little less stretch, try threading the needle to deepen the stretch. Right hand between the thighs meets the left hand at the back of the left thigh. Lay your head back and enjoy the posture. Audrey is approaching the pose from downward facing dog. She places her left knee close to her left wrist. Her leg is under her body resting on the shin. Extending the other leg behind her allows her to deepen the stretch. Then she can lower forward to relax into the pose. Pigeon pose is a hip opener which helps to relieve tension in the back and hips. This pose also offers an emotional release as we often hold life experiences in our hips.

The Ayurveda tip of the week is to eat your largest meal between noon and 1:45pm when the digestive fires are strongest.

Thank you June for the request for pigeon pose. Thank you Trixie for the walk-on cameo appearance.
Thank you Gordon for the suggestion to explain Sanskrit words when used.

I like to close with the Sanskrit greeting Namaste’ which means the light in me appreciates the light in you.

Love and light,


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