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Today’s featured yoga pose is Triangle and here are some tips for you!

The pose is done with both legs straight. One foot turned forward and the other either parallel with the back of your yoga mat or slightly turned in.
Tip #1 – Your hips and shoulders should be square with the long edges of your mat.

To get into the pose, shift your hips back as you reach your upper body over your front leg. Once you have extend as far forward as you can, tilt toward your front foot.
Tip #2 -Your front hand can rest on your thigh, shin or some people can reach the mat while keeping your back flat.

Your arms reach out at six and 12 o’clock.
Tip #3 – Be careful not to tilt your chest toward the floor, that can cause rounding in your upper body. Bend your front knee as much as you need to for comfort.

This pose creates length throughout your body. It is especially beneficial for stretching your low back area.