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Hello fellow Yogis,

The pose of the week is Legs-Up-the-Wall! This pose is awkward to get into and out of but once you are there it is one of the most beneficial poses for your body, mind and spirit!

To enter the pose, set your mat and or blanket perpendicular to the wall. Scoot your bottom as close to the wall as possible, lay back and spin your legs up the wall. Spend as much time as you wish, a minimum of two minutes to receive the many benefits of the pose.


This pose is good for reducing swelling in yours legs and feet. It helps with insomnia and has a calming effect on the nervous system. Focus your mind on your breath to stay present. Allow your breath to flow deeply and evenly through your nose. Turning your world upside down in this gentle inversion helps you process change and see things from a different perspective. Change can be difficult, but it is inevitable and our spirit craves it for personal growth. As all the tension drains out of your legs you might feel a tingling sensation in your feet. Add extra stretches to the pose such as bound angle (bottoms of your feet touch, knees open toward the wall) and wide leg stretch (allow your straight legs to open into a letter ā€œVā€ shape). Send your legs back up the wall for one to two minutes between each stretch.

To exit the pose place your feet on the wall and with the strength of your legs push a few inches away from the wall. Lay on your side for three to five breaths before pushing up to a seated position.

Take time to notice how you feel changed by the pose.

Wishing you all love and light on your yoga journey.