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Happy New Year Yoga Friends!

This weeks Tip is all about Extension

Yoga Tip  – In Tree and any pose find space by extending… When we create extension in the body through a yoga pose we also create “extension” or space in the mind and spirit for new experiences, insights and inspirations.

For Tree Pose Specifically… In Tree and any pose find space by lifting.

  • In tree you start with the foundation, your feet on the mat.
  • Then lift one leg turn it out and place the lifted foot on your calf or inner thigh.
  • Please avoid any contact with the knee as this is a flex and extension joint and is not built to bend sideways.
  • From the standing leg extend upward. Lift in the hip, extend your ribs up and away from your pelvis.
  • Grow branches by lifting your arms over your head.
  • Relax the shoulders down while simultaneously extending the crown of your head.
I hope you are ready for a year full of growth

Love and light,

Power Yoga Palm Springs